Milestone Balloons

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Buy Milestone Balloons for Birthday & Anniversary

1st birthday, 18th birthday, or a retirement party post 60, all of us go through these milestone celebration parties. You may be in attendance as a guest or helping to arrange some occasion or notable achievements that call for a special celebration. Yes, we know turning 18 is no achievement but ask an 18-year-old how the idea of turning an adult excites them. And every milestone celebration requires a bit extra effort when it comes to decoration. The simplest way is to use milestone balloons that define the occasion. With balloons becoming regular pieces of any decoration, there are milestone birthday balloons available in stores for special birthdays. Let us tell you how to make the most of these different types of balloons. 

What are Milestone Balloons?

Milestone balloons are significantly bigger balloons in a certain number of different shapes. They are even available as balloon bouquets with text engraved on them. Milestone birthday balloons could have a large balloon in the form of the number 50 and other balloons with the text ‘Happy Birthday’ on them. Or there are special milestone anniversary balloons as well which have the ‘Happy Anniversary’ with numbers like 10, 25, 50 and so on. You can choose the required number to suit the occasion. 

Milestone Balloons Shapes and Ideas

Balloons are an indicator of parties, so now they are available in customisable options for different celebratory occasions. Milestone occasions are memorable days and you would want to make everything about them perfect - right from the decoration to the entire event. If you have a milestone celebration upcoming, here is how you can use varying balloons and make your decoration look stunning. 

Make a Backdrop: The easiest way to put together the decor in a venue is to have a lovely backdrop that establishes the setting. A background focuses all attention on the main scene, so you can even leave the rest area blank. Use milestone birthday balloons and other confetti balloons together to form an arch and make a backdrop. You can then place the number/text of the milestone celebration in the centre.

Make Use of Numbers: Milestone celebrations usually include 1st birthday, 16th birthday, 30th birthday, and so on. It also has celebrations like engagement, wedding reception, to anniversaries like Silver jubilees and Golden jubilees. Milestone balloons are available for these significant numbers, and you can use them to convey the occasion to other new guests. 

Decorate With Shapes: With the rising demand for balloon decorations, they are available in unique shapes to add to the glamour of a party. Milestone birthday balloons are available in the shape of a beer glass, a champagne bottle, wine bottles, glasses and stars. These shapes add fun and a classy appeal to the otherwise regular plain balloons. For a retirement function or the 50th birthday of your dad, you can have a milestone balloon in the shape of a champagne or beer glass. 

Milestone Birthday Banners: A birthday banner is a long sign with the text 'Happy Birthday' that can be extended and hung across the wall. You can tie it to your backdrop. Milestone birthday banners include text like 'Happy 15th/18th/20th Birthday,' and you can choose as per your requirement. Hanging a banner and leaving a string of fairy lights around it can also enhance the decor for an evening function. 

Have Balloon Frames: Balloon frames are another excellent addition to party decor items. It is a mosaic frame made with balloons of different colours and sizes. Just keep it on the table next to the cake, and it's another statement piece to the table. Balloon frames are great for your child's first birthday without having too much fuss of decoration. 

Why Our Milestone Balloons are Best for Decoration?

  • At SparklezStores, we emphasize quality as well as quantity. When you buy a balloon bouquet, you get almost 50-100 balloons together. 

  • We have the entire set of milestone balloon decorations. We have balloons in different shapes and sizes along with banners, frames and garlands. 

  • We have numbered foil balloons in different colours. You can choose from gold, silver, pink, rose gold to a graident version of numbers.

  • Our balloons have great quality latex that is safe around children. 

  • We have special offers on our website from time to time so you can get the party decor at a much more cost-effective rate.

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